General Questions

I do not see any 2-foot trees or gingerbread houses. Where can I find them?

For Festival of Trees 2020, we will not be selling 2-foot trees or gingerbread houses. We hope to have these items return in 2021!


Where does the money raised go?

All money raised goes to support the students, patients and families served at Kennedy Krieger Institute.


What time do tree & wreath sales close?

Tree and wreath sales will close at 5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 29.


What happens to the decorated items that do not sell?

Trees and wreaths that do not sell are used to decorate the Kennedy Krieger Institute campuses.


How can I find the tree or wreath designed by someone I know?

To find a specific tree, please use our search bar tool in the upper left-hand corner.


My company sponsored a tree; how can I find it on the website?

To find a specific tree, please use our search bar tool in the upper left hand corner.


I had an item in my cart, but when I put in my credit information, I received an error message saying it was sold out. What happened?

Items are not guaranteed until a transaction is completed. This means someone else was also interested in the item and completed their purchase first. 


Purchasing an Item

How/where do I purchase a tree or a wreath?

These items may be purchased online through our Tree and Wreath sales system during the event weekend, Nov. 27-29. Please note: There are no refunds on any of these items.


I notice there is a note in the item description about additional things coming with the tree. What happens with goodies listed in the item description/under the tree?

Everything featured in the picture or listed in the description is sold with the tree.


Can I buy a tree or wreath and donate it to Kennedy Krieger to decorate the hospital?

While we appreciate the enthusiasm and the support, this year there is only a limited amount of low-touch spots in the hospital available to decorate. Trees that decorate the hospital also must be selected by staff to ensure there are no breakables or other prohibited items. So while we appreciate the generosity, we cannot accept sold trees as donations.


I am unable to pick up a tree or wreath at the Fairgrounds and I live outside the delivery area, how can I still purchase an item/support the Institute? 

If you are unable to support the Institute by purchasing a tree or wreath, you can still support the Institute by donating here


Are the trees or wreaths that I buy tax-deductible?

No, the purchase of trees or wreaths is not tax-deductible. 



Where do I come to pick up?

You may pick up your purchased tree/wreath at the Cow Palace at the Timonium Fairgrounds (2200 York Road, Timonium, MD 21093). Upon arrival, drive to the back of the large parking lot towards the Cow Palace. You will pass the 4-H Building on your RIGHT. Make an immediate RIGHT directly after the Maryland Food Pavilion. Pull your car up to the ticket booth (which will be located on your left) and tell the Festival of Trees’ staff member your name and what item(s) you are picking up. They will instruct you to drive your car straight and then turn LEFT to physically drive into the Cow Palace for item pick-up.


*Everyone interacting with Festival Staff and entering the Cow Palace MUST be wearing a face mask, even if you are planning to stay inside your vehicle. *


When can I pick up my wreath and/or tree?

Wreaths and trees may be picked up from the Maryland State Fairgrounds during the following days and times:

  • Saturday, Nov. 28, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Sunday, Nov. 29, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Monday, Nov. 30, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Maryland State Fairgrounds are not responsible for items left after these pick-up times.


What do I need to bring with me in order to get my wreath and/or tree?

Please bring your receipt and ID with you.


How are the trees packaged for pick up?

Trees will be tightly wrapped in plastic in an effort to ensure the integrity of the design and that it is compact enough to fit in a larger vehicle.


Can someone else come pick up my items?

Yes, someone else may pick up your items. Please just make sure they have a copy of your receipt with them.


Can I pick up all my items at one time?

As long as all items will fit into your vehicle, all items can be picked up at one time.


Will a 7-foot tree fit in my car?

While we do our best to make the tree as compact as possible, we recommend you bring a large vehicle like a van, SUV or truck to ensure maximum space for the 7-foot tree.



Can I have a tree delivered?

Unless otherwise specified, yes! We can deliver trees within 30 miles of the Maryland State Fairgrounds, for a charge of $60 per tree. Trees will be delivered the week following the Festival. We cannot guarantee a delivery time/date. All tree deliveries are subject to these additional terms and conditions:

  • Trees can only be delivered within a 30-mile radius of the Fairgrounds.
  • Trees are purchased in “as is” condition. 
  • Deliveries are made outside to first floors only of all homes, condos, apartments, businesses, etc.
  • If you are not home at time of delivery, the tree will be left at your front door or garage area.
  • Tree deliveries to businesses will be made to the loading dock or building front door.
  • Buyers are responsible for unpacking and setting up trees.


Can I have a wreath delivered?

Unfortunately, because of the varying size and weights of wreaths, they will only be available for pickup.


When my tree is delivered, how is it packaged?

We place your tree for delivery in one of our tree boxes that covers the bottom half of your tree. A large plastic bag will cover the top of your tree and we will tightly wrap it with plastic. While every effort is made to keep your tree in pristine condition, please understand that some ornaments may get displaced during the delivery process.